XXI Conferenza Nazionale Sensori e Microsistemi

AISEM 2022

AISEM 2022 - Biological Sensors

Compliant multihinge microgripper for biomanipulation: microbead grasping feasibility study
  • Alessio Buzzin
Characterization of temperature distribution in microfluidic chip for dna amplification
  • Domenico Caputo
Cobalt detection by means of adsorptive stripping voltammetry: a comparison between two metal film-based platforms
  • Giulia Selvolini
Comparison of two electrochemical platforms for selective ARA H1 allergen detection
  • Gheorghe Melinte
Voltammetric determination of h2o2 using gc-ldh-proline catalytic sensor
  • Mauro Tomassetti
Ethanol and glucose determination by DCFC working in batch or flow mode
  • Mauro Tomassetti
A lab-inspace for chemiluminescence-based astrobiology experiments
  • Ilaria Trozzi
A paper-based chemiluminescent immunoassay on magnetic microbead format for food allergen traces detection
  • Andrea Pace
SARS-COV-2 optical fiber sensors
  • Nunzio Cennamo
SPR biosensors on unconventional optical fibers
  • Cosimo Trono
Silicon Nanowires Fractal Array: From Photonics to Sensing
  • Unregistered User
Experimental design approach to optimize a single molecule array
  • Cecilia Scandurra
CoV-Virus label-free immunosensor: preliminary results
  • Laura Micheli

AISEM 2022 - Chemical Sensors

Novel amperometric sensors for the detection and discrimination of cannabinoids in real samples extracts
  • Alessandro Monari
Folic Acid detection using a new electrochemical sensor based on Au@MoS2
  • Khouloud Abid
Zn ions detection by a schiff base/SPCE sensor
  • Viviana Bressi
Monitoring uv filters through the use of voltammetric methods
  • Paolo Inaudi
A Smartphone- Based colorimetric chemosensor for the evaluation of Antioxidant power of Food Matrices by In Situ Au- NP Formation
  • Elisa Lazzarini
Integrated multiplatform sensor for phosphate detection in natural water
  • Alexandro Catini
3D-printed face mask with integrated sensors as protective and monitoring tool
  • Silvia Casalinuovo
FFP2 masks: from protection to detection
  • Lorena Di Zazzo
An innovative and versatile functionalization strategy of porous silicon (pSi) interferometer for chemical sensing applications
  • Tiziano Di Giulio
A high accuracy QCM based sensing system for in water ammonia monitoring
  • Enza Panzardi
Colorimetry by a smartphone
  • Leonardo Ciaccheri
Oxidation state evaluation in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) by plasmonic transducers
  • Adriano Colombelli
A multi-sensor based method for the monitoring of leavening of bakery products
  • Simone Grasso
FAIR data principles implementation for Air Quality multisensor data
  • Elena Esposito
Enhanced Gas Sensing in Porphyrinoids Coated sio2 Hybrid Nanoparticles
  • Mounika Muduganti

AISEM 2022 - Physical Sensors

Analysis of logic schemes for the optical implementation of pointwise operations in gated recurrent unit cells
  • Badrul Alam
Deep learning for a comprehensive transformer fault detection through vibrational data
  • Valerio Rucconi
Lora-based Wireless Sensor Network system for acquatic elements and flood early warning monitoring
  • Mattia Ragnoli
Plasmonic sensors based on light-diffusing fibers
  • Nunzio Cennamo
Weather data pattern recognition to detect anomalies in solar radiation systems
  • Elena Esposito
Prototype of a Smart Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fabrizio Formisano
An IOT architecture integrating personal multisensors devices for worker's safety and cooperative indoor viral infectivity assessment applications
  • Saverio De Vito
ECG / PPG combo system for arterial stiffness diagnosis
  • Alberto Giacobbe
3D design and simulation of miniaturized fluidic system for continuous water filtering
  • Bappa Mitra