Contributed Papers

A Single-Letter Upper Bound on the Mismatch Capacity via a Multicasting Approach
  • Anelia Somekh-baruch
Encoder-Assistance for Additive Noise Channels
  • Gian Marti
Feedback Capacity of Gaussian Multiple-Access Wiretap Channel with Degraded Message Sets
  • Bin Dai
On the Capacity of the Continuous-Space SSFM Model of Optical Fiber
  • Milad Sefidgaran
On the Optimality of Dolinar's Receiver
  • Itamar Katz
Correcting Erasures with Topological Subsystem Color Codes
  • Hiteshvi Solanki
Linear programming decoder for hypergraph product quantum codes
  • Lucien Grouès
Universal Communication Efficient Quantum Threshold Secret Sharing Schemes
  • Kaushik Senthoor
Quantum Channel State Masking
  • Uzi Pereg
Explicit Construction of Minimum Storage Rack-Aware Regenerating Codes for All Parameters
  • Liyang Zhou
Coded Data Rebalancing for Decentralized Distributed Databases
  • Sushena Sree Kuttuva Vimalchand
Coded Computing for Master-Aided Distributed Computing Systems
  • Haoning Chen
An Umbrella Converse for Data Exchange: Applied to Caching, Computing, Shuffling & Rebalancing
  • Prasad Krishnan
Blind Updates in Coded Caching
  • Suman Ghosh
An Embedded Index Code Construction Using Sub-packetization
  • Shanuja Sasi
On the Optimality of Treating Interference as Noise: General Message Sets Revisited
  • Hamdi Joudeh
A Coded Caching Scheme with Linear Sub-packetization and its Application to Multi-Access Coded Caching
  • Anjana Mahesh
On the continuous time additive Gaussian noise channel in the presence of perfect feedback
  • Aman Chawla
On the Effectiveness of Fekete's Lemma in Information Theory
  • Yannik Böck
Combinatorial Quantitative Group Testing with Adversarially Perturbed Measurements
  • I-Hsiang Wang
A Sphere Packing Bound for AWGN MIMO Fading Channels under Peak Amplitude Constraints
  • Antonino Favano
Noncoherent MIMO Multiple-Access Channels: A Joint Constellation Design
  • Hoang K. Ngo
The Optimal DoF for the Noncoherent MIMO Channel with Generic Block Fading
  • Hoang K. Ngo
On Secure Degrees of Freedom for K-User MISO Broadcast Channel With Alternating CSIT
  • Leyla Sadighi
Rate-Memory Trade-Off for the Cache-Aided MISO Broadcast Channel with Hybrid CSIT
  • Antonio Bazco-Nogueras
Point-to-Point Strategic Communication
  • Maël Le Treust
Concentrated Stopping Set Design for Coded Merkle Tree: Improving Security Against Data Availability Attacks in Blockchain Systems
  • Debarnab Mitra
Multilevel Secrecy over 1-2-1 Networks
  • Yahya H. Ezzeldin
Pairwise Oblivious Transfer
  • Remi Chou
Higher Rates and Information-Theoretic Analysis for the RLWE Channel
  • Georg Maringer
Optimal Linear Coding Schemes for the Secure Decentralized Pliable Index Coding Problem
  • Daniela Tuninetti
Construction of Systematic Polar Codes: BER Optimization Perspective
  • Bolin Wu
Polar Coded Repetition for Low-Capacity Channels
  • Fariba Abbasi Aghdam Meinagh
Matched Quantized Min-Sum Decoding of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes
  • Emna Ben Yacoub
On Decoding Fountain Codes with Erroneous Received Symbols
  • Xuan He
Two is Better than One: Reducing the Loss of the Window Decoder for SC-LDPC Codes
  • Alberto Tarable
Information Freshness and Packet Drop Rate Interplay in a Two-User Multi-Access Channel
  • Emmanouil Fountoulakis
Zero-Error Capacity Region of a Class of Multiple Access Channels with Inter-User Correlation
  • Ghassen Zafzouf
Sliding-Window Gelfand-Pinsker Coding: General $K$-User Broadcast Channels
  • Shouvik Ganguly
Joint Sensing and Communication over Memoryless Broadcast Channels
  • Mehrasa Ahmadipour
Random User Activity with Mixed Delay Traffic
  • Homa Nikbakht
Resolving the Worst-User Bottleneck of Coded Caching: Exploiting Finite File Sizes
  • Hui Zhao
Multi-access Coded Caching Schemes From Cross Resolvable Designs
  • Pooja Nayak Muralidhar
Coded Caching For Relay Networks: The Impact of Caching Memories
  • Shujie Cao
Cache Updating Strategy Minimizing the Age of Information with Time-Varying Files' Popularities
  • Haoyue Tang
Zero-Error Sum Modulo Two with a Common Observation
  • Milad Sefidgaran
An Algorithm for Constructing the Optimal Code Trees for Binary Alphabetic AIFV-m Codes
  • Ken-ichi Iwata
Cooperative Multi-Sensor Detection under Variable-Length Coding
  • Mustapha Hamad
Universal Decoding for Asynchronous Slepian-Wolf Encoding
  • Neri Merhav
Decoding of Lifted Affine-Invariant Codes
  • Lukas Holzbaur
Feedback insertion-deletion codes
  • Georg Maringer
On Lifted Multiplicity Codes
  • Lukas Holzbaur
Reconstructing Mixtures of Coded Strings from Prefix and Suffix Compositions
  • Ryan Gabrys
Success Probability of Decoding Interleaved Alternant Codes
  • Lukas Holzbaur
A Generalization of the DMC
  • Sergey Tridenski
On the Communication Exponent of Distributed Testing for Gaussian Correlations
  • Yuval Kochman
Unbiased Estimation Equation under \(f\)-Separable Bregman Distortion Measures
  • Kazuho Watanabe
On Functions of Markov Random Fields
  • Bernhard Geiger
Two-layer Coded Gradient Aggregation with Straggling Communication Links
  • Kai Liang
An Efficient Block Error Probability Estimation of Reed-Muller Codes under Permutation Decoding
  • Mikhail Kamenev
On Decoding of Reed-Muller Codes Using a Local Graph Search
  • Mikhail Kamenev
Using List Decoding to Improve the Finite-Length Performance of Sparse Regression Codes
  • Haiwen Cao
On the Finite Length Performance of Sparse Regression Codes with Peak-Power Limitation
  • Shansuo Liang
Optimization of Irregular NB QC-LDPC Block Codes over Small Alphabets
  • Irina Bocharova
Capacity Theorems for Covert Bosonic Channels
  • Michael Bullock
Key Superposition Simultaneously Achieves Security and Privacy in Cache-Aided Linear Function Retrieval
  • Daniela Tuninetti
Secret Sharing from Correlated Gaussian Random Variables and Public Communication
  • Vidhi Rana
Data Disclosure Mechanism Design with Non-zero Leakage
  • Amirreza Zamani
Private DNA Sequencing: Hiding Information in Discrete Noise
  • Kayvon Mazooji
Achievable error exponents for the two-way parallel DMC
  • Kenneth Palacio-Baus
Real-Time Variable-to-Fixed Lossless Source Coding of Randomly Arriving Symbols
  • Uri Abend
On the Distribution of the Conditional Mean Estimator in Gaussian Noise
  • Alex Dytso
Relationship Between Source Resolvability with Normalized $f$-Divergence and Fixed-Length Coding
  • Ryo Nomura
On-The-Fly Stochastic Codebook Re-generation for Sources with Memory
  • Ahmed Elshafiy
Jensen-Shannon Information Based Characterization of the Generalization Error of Learning Algorithms
  • Gholamali Aminian
Learning, compression, and leakage: Minimizing classification error via meta-universal compression principles
  • Fernando Rosas
RNN-based Detection for Coded Partial-Response Channels
  • Simeng Zheng
Measuring Dependencies of Order Statistics: An Information Theoretic Perspective
  • Alex Dytso
Sphere Covering for Poisson Processes
  • Hui-an Shen
On Random Subset Generalization Error Bounds and the Stochastic Gradient Langevin Dynamics Algorithm
  • Borja Rodríguez Gálvez
Query Complexity of k-NN based Mode Estimation
  • Anirudh Singhal
Approximating Probability Distributions by ReLU Networks
  • Manuj Mukherjee
On Compressed Sensing Matrices Breaking the Square-Root Bottleneck
  • Shohei Satake
Social Learning is Almost as Good as Centralized Detection with Slight Global Knowledge
  • Yu-chieh Huang
Biometric Identification Systems With Noisy Enrollment for Gaussian Source
  • Vamoua Yachongka
Non-Stochastic Private Function Evaluation
  • Farhad Farokhi
Privacy-Utility Tradeoff with Nonspecific Tasks: Robust Privatization and Minimum Leakage
  • Ta-yuan Liu
Measuring Information Leakage in Non-stochastic Brute-Force Guessing
  • Farhad Farokhi
On Properties and Optimization of Information-theoretic Privacy Watchdog
  • Parastoo Sadeghi
Dimension of a Subset of Residue Classes
  • Vladislav Shchukin
Transmission of a Bit over a Discrete Poisson Channel with Memory
  • Niloufar Ahmadypour
Universal interactive Gaussian quantization with side information
  • Shubham Jha
Improved Memory-Rate Trade-off for Caching with Demand Privacy
  • Chinmay Gurjarpadhye
Over-The-Air Computation in Correlated Channels
  • Matthias Frey
Structured Index Coding Problems and Multi-access Coded Caching
  • Srinivas Reddy Kota
Feedback capacity of ISI MIMO channel with colored Noise
  • Abhishek Rawat
Deterministic Identification Over Fading Channels
  • Mohammad Javad Salariseddigh
Operating Half-Duplex Diamond Networks with Two Interfering Relays
  • Sarthak Jain
Finite-Support Capacity-Approaching Distributions for AWGN Channels
  • Derek Xiao
Polar Coding for Multi-level 3-Receiver Broadcast Channels
  • Karthik Nagarjuna Tunuguntla
On Skew Convolutional and Trellis Codes
  • Vladimir Sidorenko
Deep Ensemble of Weighted Viterbi Decoders for Tail-Biting Convolutional Codes
  • Tomer Raviv
Adaptive Doping of Spatially Coupled LDPC Codes
  • Min Zhu
Efficient Storage Schemes for Desired Service Rate Regions
  • Fatemeh Kazemi

Invited Papers

Massive Random Access for the Quasi-Static Fading MAC
  • Alexey Frolov
An information theoretic perspective on low resolution quantization in mmWave communications
  • Elza Erkip
A Group Testing Approach to Collision Resolution in Coded Slotted Aloha Protocols
  • Gianluigi Liva
Creating Nonlinear Wireless Channels Using Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces
  • Emil Björnson
Adaptive Two-Sided Beam Alignment in mmWave via Posterior Matching
  • Fernando Pedraza
Exactly solvable models for high-dimensional machine learning problems
  • Bruno Loureiro
Information-Theoretic Limits for the Matrix Tensor Product
  • Galen Reeves
Learning with Random Features: Sharp Asymptotics and Universality Laws
  • Yue Lu
Strong concentration of measure for log-concave measures and in optimal Bayesian inference
  • Jean Barbier
Algorithmic advances on the negative spherical perceptron problem
  • Ahmed El Alaoui
Byzantine Consensus Through the Lens of Information Theory
  • David Tse
Scaling On-Chain Asset Exchanges via Arrow-Debreu Exchange Markets
  • Ashish Goel
Stochastic Analysis of Blockchain Protocols
  • Aggelos Kiayias
On blockchain models, analysis, and counting processes
  • Dongning Guo
Fair-Ordered Protocols for Permissionless Blockchains
  • Sreeram Kannan
Suboptimality of Constrained Linear Least Squares and Improvements via Improper Learners
  • Nikita Zhivotovskiy
A Non-Asymptotic Analysis for Stein Variational Gradient Descent
  • Anna Korba
An introduction to Gated Linear Networks
  • Joel Veness
Active Regret Minimization with Expert Advice
  • Jacob Abernethy
Smoothed Analysis of Online and Differentially Private Learning
  • Nika Haghtalab
Concatenated Codes for Recovery From Multiple Reads of DNA Sequences
  • Antonia Wachter-zeh
Robust Neural Computation From Error Correcting Codes
  • Netanel Raviv
Repairing Reed-Solomon Codes in Practice
  • Son Hoang Dau
On tilings of asymmetric limited-magnitude balls
  • Moshe Schwartz
Capacity and Construction of Recoverable Systems
  • Ohad Elishco