IEEE Mediterranean Eletrotechnical Conference 2020


Conference Track

Session 1.4 - Air transportation, avionics and aerospace, more electric aircrafts

INVITED - Electromagnetic Compatibility in the Aircraft sector: Lightning indirect effects and innovative protection techniques for safety improvement in the air transportation systems


Efficient and Robust Modeling of Vector Magnetic Hysteresis: An Engineering Approach


On the Use of Feedforward Neural Networks to Simulate Magnetic Hysteresis in Electrical Steels


Neural Modelling of Magnetic Materials for Aircraft Power Converters Simulations


Overview of the mechanical, thermal vacuum and EMI/EMC tests performed for the AMS-02 UTTPS space qualification campaign


Analysis of Polygon Connected ATRU for the More-Electric Aircraft


Armin Dietz

University of Nuremberg, Germany

Antonio Faba

University of Perugia, Italy