IEEE Mediterranean Eletrotechnical Conference 2020


Conference Tutorials  9 PRESENTATIONS
MELECON 2020 - Tutorials

TRACK 1: Smart and sustainable mobility adaptation amid Corona Virus pandemic
  • Carla Alexandra Silva
TRACK 2 - PART 1: LoRa Technology for IoT applications - PART I
  • Ilenia Tinnirello
TRACK 2 - PART 2: LoRa Technology for IoT applications - PART II
  • Ilenia Tinnirello
TRACK 3: Tutorial 1 - PART 1 - INtra-body communication technologieS In smarT healthcarE (INSITE) - Part I
  • Pietro Savazzi
TRACK 3: Tutorial 1 - PART 2 - INtra-body communication technologieS In smarT healthcarE (INSITE) - Part II
  • Laura Galluccio
TRACK 3: Tutorial 1 - PART 3 - INtra-body communication technologieS In smarT healthcarE (INSITE) - Part III
  • Anna Vizziello
TRACK 3: Tutorial 2 - Human behavior and decision making: multidisciplinary approach for investigation. Fundamentals and latest advances in research and technology
  • Debora Bettiga
TRACK 4 - PART 1: IoT based methods and architectures for demand response in smart grids - Part I
  • Pierluigi Siano
TRACK 4 - PART 2: IoT based methods and architectures for demand response in smart grids - Part II
  • Gaetano Zizzo

Conference Keynotes  4 PRESENTATIONS
MELECON 2020 - Keynotes

KEYNOTE TRACK 1 - Green ship design: marine transportation electrification and research challenges
  • Giorgio Sulligoi
KEYNOTE TRACK 2 - A cloud on time
  • Johan Eker
KEYNOTE TRACK 3 - Developing and application of electronic noses in health care
  • Andreas Voss
KEYNOTE TRACK 4 - Cyber Security and Big Data Issues for Smart Grid Systems
  • Seref Sagiroglu

Student Contest  5 PRESENTATIONS
Region 8 - Student Paper Contest

Device for visual kinesthetic navigation of the blind and visually impaired
  • Kristjan Stopar
An Improved Variable Neighbourhood Search Algorithm for Selective Dial-a-Ride Problems
  • Mark Cauchi
A Four-Quadrant Switched Capacitor DC-DC Convertor Enabling Power-Efficient Lab-Grade Potentiostats
  • Matthias Swiggers
Object-Centric Street Scene Synthesis with Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Maxim Van den Abeele
Drones for Sheep Livestock Monitoring
  • Najla Fahad E M Al-Thani

WIE EVENT - The Vision of Industry on Digital Evolution in Her Words

'Industry 4.0', a new Human-AI partnership
  • Daniela Scaramuccia
Smart city: transforming cities in the digital age
  • Renata Mele
Smart Healthcare: Solutions for renal patients @ Fresenius Medical Care
  • Silvia Civardi
Smart Grids and Beyond
  • Debora Stefani
Digital Reality is becoming Reality
  • Roberto Saracco

Conference Track  6 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 1.1 - Electric vehicle transportation systems and their environmental impact, charging infrastructure and grid integration

From electric mobility to hydrogen mobility: current state and possible future expansions
  • Gabriella Di Filippo
Acoustic Impact of Electric Vehicles
  • Paolo Briante
Selective harmonic mitigation with asymmetrical staircase voltage waveform for a three-phase fivelevel Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter
  • Giuseppe Schettino
Cost-benefit analysis for multiple agents considering an electric vehicle charging/discharging strategy and grid integration
  • Mahsa Bagheri Tookanlou
Modeling of Magnetorheological Fluids Relative Magnetic Permeability by using a Neural Network approach
  • Grazia Lo Sciuto
Outlier Removal for Improving the Accuracy of Electric Vehicle Behavior Prediction
  • Kunihiro Miyazaki

Conference Track  10 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 1.2 - Transportation electrification, electric & hybrid vehicle, interconnected cities

An analytical evaluation of rotor eccentricity effects on synchronous drives with surface mounted permanent magnet brushless motors
  • Emanuele Fedele
Performance Comparison of modified modulation Techniques for Quasi-Z-Source Converters
  • Giuseppe Schettino
Modelling, simulation and characterization of a supercapacitor
  • Vincenzo Junior Castiglia
A prototypal PCB board for the EMI characterization of SiC-based innovative switching devices
  • Filippo Pellitteri
A Low Cost Programmable Hardware for Online Spectroscopy of Lithium Batteries
  • Luca Pugi
Design and Testing of a Flash Recharge System for a Bus including foreseen effects in terms of Storage Life Extension
  • Luca Pugi
Motion Control in Resonant Frequency for an Electrified Implement
  • Ilja Stasewitsch
Sensorless Current Control at the Handwheel in Steer-by-Wire
  • Kris Scicluna
Sensorless Position Control at the Steered Wheel in Steer-by-Wire
  • Kris Scicluna
Power Flow Simulation of DC Railway Power Supply Systems with Regenerative Braking
  • Fulin Fan

Conference Track  4 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 1.3 - Smart mobility of people and goods

Exploiting free-floating car sharing rewards to support a free year of daily commute
  • Eder Ollora Zaballa
Audio surveillance of roads using deep learning and autoencoder-based sample weight initialization
  • Zied Mnasri
Death/Birth and SNR Detection for Vehicular Kalman Channel Trackers
  • Diego Méndez Romero
Analysis of Current Ripple effect on Lithium batteries
  • Mirko Marracci

Conference Track  6 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 1.4 - Air transportation, avionics and aerospace, more electric aircrafts

Efficient and Robust Modeling of Vector Magnetic Hysteresis: An Engineering Approach
  • Abdelrahman Mohamed Elewa Diab Ghanim
On the Use of Feedforward Neural Networks to Simulate Magnetic Hysteresis in Electrical Steels
  • Simone Quondam Antonio
Neural Modelling of Magnetic Materials for Aircraft Power Converters Simulations
  • Gabriele Maria Lozito
Overview of the mechanical, thermal vacuum and EMI/EMC tests performed for the AMS-02 UTTPS space qualification campaign
  • Lorenzo Mussolin
Analysis of Polygon Connected ATRU for the More-Electric Aircraft
  • Maurice Apap
INVITED - Electromagnetic Compatibility in the Aircraft sector: Lightning indirect effects and innovative protection techniques for safety improvement in the air transportation systems
  • Hari Prasad Rimal

Conference Track  4 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 2.1 - Industrial applications

Charlie and the CryptoFactory: Towards Secure and Trusted Manufacturing Environments
  • Antonis Michalas
A cloud-edge smart infrastructures for road safety
  • Giovanni Salzillo
Li-Ion Batteries Releasable Capacity Estimation with Neural Networks on Intelligent IoT Microcontrollers
  • Giulia Crocioni
Leak Detection Algorithm for Pipelines in Noisy Environments
  • Georgios-Napoleon Papastavrou

Conference Track  7 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 2.2 - Wireless systems

An Experimental Validation of the Naïve Approach to Angle of Arrival Estimation for Green WSNs
  • Antonello Florio
Efficient Transmission of Live Multi-View Video in LTE-A Cellular Networks using D2D Cooperation
  • John Zammit
Relay Node Selection in Bluetooth Mesh Networks
  • Marco Reno
A Battery-free Asset Monitoring System based on RF Wireless Power Transfer
  • Roberto La Rosa
Self-powered wireless IoT nodes for emergency management
  • Rosario Fedele
A Novel Plasmonic Nanoantenna for High Efficiency Energy Harvesting Applications
  • Patrizia Livreri
Optimization of diode bridge rectifier output voltage in Train Suspension Energy Harvesters
  • Luigi Costanzo

Conference Track  7 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 2.3 - Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

Negative Selection Algorithm Based Intrusion Detection Model
  • Taofeekat Tosin Salau-Ibrahim
LED junction temperature prediction using machine learning techniques
  • Massimo Merenda
A Novel Fitness Tracker Using Edge Machine Learning
  • Massimo Merenda
Generalization Capacity Analysis of Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring using Deep Learning
  • Halil Çimen
Attention-based Model for Evaluating the Complexity of Sentences in English Language
  • Daniele Schicchi
An Approach for Objective Quality Assessment of Image Inpainting Results
  • Dylan Seychell
Educational Stream Data Analysis: A Case Study
  • Gabriella Casalino

Conference Track  6 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 2.4 - Robotics, Automation and Advanced Manufacturing

Investigations of the Methods of Time Delay Measurement of Stochastic Signals Using Cross-correlation with the Hilbert Transform
  • Marcin Zych
Development of a circuit design for a capacitive pressure sensor, applied in walking robot foot
  • Konstantin Krestovnikov
Advanced Manufacturing based on the Intelligent Floor
  • Javier Stillig
Reduced order thermal models for electronic devices
  • Carlo Famoso
Erle-copter Simulation using ROS and Gazebo
  • Sheikh Azid
INVITED - An introduction to patterns for the Internet of Robotic Things in the Ambient Assisted Living scenario
  • Giovanni Muscato

Conference Track  6 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 3.1 - Services, Applications and Solutions to Challenging Problems in Smart Healthcare

INVITED PAPER - Evaluating the effectiveness of the "Individual Assistance Plan" for Italian chronic patients
  • Silvana Quaglini
Robotic Systems in Current Clinical Practice
  • Eftychios Christoforou
Robotic arm assisted surgery in orthopaedics: a Health Technology Assessment evaluation in Liguria Region
  • Alessandro Sparacino
Remote Center of Motion and Synchronized Rotation for a Motorized Surgical Table
  • Alessandro Cristoforetti
A Double per Priority Queue Dynamic Wavelength and Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm in Healthcare Applications Service
  • Anastasios Valkanis
The Importance of Data Synchronization in Multiboard Acquisition Systems
  • Giuseppe Coviello

Conference Track  6 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 3.2 - Big Data Integration and Personalised Medicine in Smart Health Care

INVITED PAPER - Personalized Detection of Explosive Cough Events in Patients With Pulmonary Disease
  • Paulo Carvalho
The quality concerns in health care Big Data
  • Giandomenico Nollo
Low invasive multisensor acquisition system for real-time monitoring of cardiovascular and respiratory parameters
  • Riccardo Pernice
Patient-specific Fluid Dynamical Evaluation of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Surgical Treatment
  • Giuseppe D'Avenio
Prediction of Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetes from Pharmacy Administrative Claims
  • Enrico Longato
Heart left ventricle segmentation in ultrasound images using deep learning
  • Tijana Sustersic

Conference Track  6 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 3.3 - Neural and Cognitive Engineering: Methods and Technological Solutions

EEG monitoring during software development
  • Alessandra Calcagno
Physiological responses related to pleasant and unpleasant sounds
  • Paola De Stefano
Design and Implementation of Steady State Visual Evoked Potential Based Brain Computer Interface Video Game
  • Elifsu Filiz
CogAR: an augmented reality App to improve quality of life of the people with cognitive impairment
  • Mirko Rossi
Neonatal Seizures Detection using Stationary Wavelet Transform and Deep Neural Networks: Preliminary Results
  • Lorenzo Frassineti
Technical Solution for Burnout, the Modern Age Health Issue
  • Simona Riurean

Conference Track  7 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 3.4 - Advances in Medical Informatics for HealthCare Applications

eEmergency System to Support Emergency call Evaluation and Ambulance dispatch Procedures
  • Efthyvoulos Kyriacou
A Novel Algorithm for the Design of Ketogenic Meals
  • Giordano Lanzola
Co-creation of Virtual Reality Re-usable Learning objectives of 360º video scenarios for a Clinical Skills course
  • Eirini Schiza
Proposal of an Architecture to support High Quality Automatic Data Collection in the context of Multi-Centric Studies
  • Sara Mora
Molecular docking of ursolic acid and Staphylococcus aureus ATPase for antibacterial therapy
  • Carmelina Ruggiero
A Nested U-Net Approach for Brain Tumour Segmentation
  • Neil Micallef
An Efficacious MRI Sparse Recovery Method Based on Differential Under-Sampling and k-Space Interpolation
  • Henry Kiragu

Conference Track  5 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 3.5 - Biotechnolgies: Advanced Devices and Sensors

Silicon dosimeters based on Floating Gate Sensor: design, implementation and characterization
  • Cristiano Calligaro
Fogging effect correction of Gafchromic HD-V2 film response for its use in high-dose radiotherapy
  • Elio Tomarchio
A Highly-Configurable Full-Field Stimulus Source for Electroretinography
  • Giulia Crocioni
Study on ANN based Upper Limb Exoskeleton
  • Monica Leba
Ascorbic Acid determination using linear sweep voltammetry on flexible electrode modified with gold nanoparticles and reduced graphene oxide
  • Francesca Mazzara

Conference Track  7 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 3.6 - Bio-electromagnetic Modelling

Analysis of ionic channel currents under nsPEFs stimulation by a circuital model of an excitable cell
  • Stefania Romeo
Mathematical modelling of nuclear medicine data
  • Michele Piana
Localization of neural activity from neuromagnetic data using varying-support sources
  • Cristina Campi
Numerical modelling of temperature increase induced by transcutaneous Spinal Direct Current Stimulation (tsDC)
  • Serena Fiocchi
Stochastic Dosimetry applied on a low frequency Near-Field Source Scenario
  • Marta Bonato
Fake Nodes approximation for Magnetic Particle Imaging
  • Davide Poggiali
An advanced numerical treatment of EM absorption in human tissue
  • Monica Millunzi

Conference Track  7 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 4.1 - Smart and sustainable islands

Discrete Event Controllers for Grids' Lines
  • Calin Ciufudean
Space charge accumulation in undersea HVDC cables as function of heat exchange conditions at the boundaries – water-air interface
  • Giuseppe Rizzo
Flexibility Services in a Mediterranean Small Island to Minimize Costs and Emissions Related to Electricity Production from Fossil Fuels
  • Domenico Curto
Experimental results on the economic management of a smart microgrid
  • Alessia Cagnano
Optimal management of Islanded Distribution Networks including Multi-Energy Storage Units
  • Andrea Cervi
A DC-Link Voltage Control Strategy for Fast Frequency Response Support
  • James Amankwah Adu
Sizing and operation of a residential PV-battery system: Rule-Based and real time vs optimization and perfect foresight
  • Elena Sedano

Conference Track  4 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 4.2 - Net zero energy systems

Rotor Speed Fluctuation Analysis for Rapid De-Loading of Variable Speed Wind Turbines
  • Fan Xinkai
Comparing indoor performances of a building equipped with four different roof configurations in 65 Italian sites.
  • Gianluca Scaccianoce
Passive components for reducing environmental impacts of buildings:analysis of an experimental green roof.
  • Giorgia Peri
Retrofitting existing buildings by means of innovative envelope components: low-impacting new assemblies
  • Maria La Gennusa

Conference Track  6 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 4.3 - The Mediterranean Energy Hub

Fault detection based on ROCOV and ROCOC for multi-terminal HVDC systems
  • Maria Jose Perez Molina
A Smart Sensing Method for Real Time Monitoring of Low Voltage Series Arc Fault
  • Claudio Fontana
Wind Power Production based on DFIG: Modeling and Control by ADRC
  • Abdeslam Jaballaafou
Dependability Analysis of a Digital Excitation Control System
  • Andrea Vicenzutti
A co-simulation approach for validating agent-based distributed algorithms in smart grid
  • Minh Tri Le
Oil & Gas Project: Achieve Flexibility and Integration, Improving Innovation and Sustainability
  • Stefano Bertazzi

Conference Track  13 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 4.4 - Demand response and prosumers' aggregation

Dynamic Coalitions of Prosumers in Virtual Power Plants for Energy Trading and Profit Optimization
  • Giuseppe Raveduto
Implementation of a Management System for Prosumer Energy Storage Scheduling in Smart Grids
  • Giuseppe Caravello
Ensemble learning with time-series clustering for aggregated short-term load forecasting
  • Petar Sarajcev
Unsupervised learning procedure for NILM applications
  • Gilles Jacobs
DEMAND Project: An algorithm for the assessment of the prosumers’ flexibility
  • Michele Cacioppo
Investigation of autoregressive forecasting models for market electricity price
  • Vladimir Shikhin
Blockchain-based DR logic: a trade-off between system operator's and customer's needs
  • Giuseppe Sciumè
A Comprehensive Comparison of Resonant Topologies for Magnetic Wireless Power Transfer
  • Niccolo Tesi
A methodology for evaluating the flexibility potential of domestic air conditioning systems
  • Alessandra Di Gangi
Influence of Transformer Rating on Power Quality Indices in Low Voltage Residential Networks
  • Pablo Rodríguez-Pajarón
Optimal Scheduling of a Virtual Power Plant with Demand Response in Short-Term Electricity Market
  • Gerardo J. Osório
Optimal Planning of CHP-based Microgrids Considering DERs and Demand Response Programs
  • Gerardo J. Osório
INVITED - Contribution of smart prosumers to the grid reliability
  • Diego Arnone

Conference Track  7 PRESENTATIONS
Theme 4.5 - Special Technical Session - Italian Divertor Tokamak Test Facility

Advanced Image-Processing for the Estimation of Pitch Angle for Runaway Electrons in Tokamaks
  • Concetta Barcellona
Conceptual Design and Modeling of the Toroidal Field Coils Circuit of DTT
  • Pietro Zito
Conceptual Design and Modeling of Fast Discharge Unit for Quench Protection of Superconducting Toroidal Field Magnets of DTT
  • Carmelo Riccardo Lopes
The Heating & Current Drive System of Divertor Tokamak Test (DTT)
  • Gustavo Granucci
Poloidal Power Supply System of the Divertor Tokamak Test (DTT) Facility
  • Alessandro Lampasi
DTT's Role, Characteristics & Design Status
  • Gian Mario Polli
INVITED - Status and main technological challenges of the EU DEMO nuclear fusion reactor. Research activity at the University of Palermo
  • Pietro A. Di Maio