IEEE 2020 International Workshop on Metrology for Industry 4.0 & IoT

IEEE MetroInd 2020

Plenary Sessions  4 PRESENTATIONS
Plenary Sessions

Technologies 4.0 for biomedical applications in everyday life scenarios
  • Domenico Formica
In search of breakthroughs in Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Systems
  • George Q. Huang
From Condition Monitoring to Predictive Maintenance: the role of Edge Processing
  • Nunzio Abbate
Closing and Award Ceremony
  • Emiliano Schena

General Track

Speed detection of battery-free nodes based on RF Wireless Power Transfer
  • Roberto La Rosa
Novel Piezoelectric Sensor by Aerosol Jet Printing in Industry 4.0
  • Tiziano Fapanni
3DOPE-DL: Accuracy Evaluation of a Deep Learning Framework for 3D Object Pose Estimation
  • Davide Maria Fabris
A Plain Low Threshold IoT Platform for Enabling New IoT Products from SMEs
  • Stefan Forsström
Complex Event Processing on the Edge - Bringing Data Consolidation and Processing closer to Wireless Sensor Networks
  • David Merkl
Low cost, low pass Prism filtering
  • Manus Henry
Quality Assurance of Weld Seams Using Laser Triangulation Imaging and Deep Neural Networks
  • Andreas Spruck
Test bench for the measurement of scissors' cutting torque
  • Stefano Marelli
Deploying Wifi, RF and BLE sensors for pervasive monitoring and control
  • Alberto Faro
ISO/IEC 15189 Implementation in Microbiology Laboratory – General Concepts
  • Amina Aleta
Informational Space and Messages Interaction Models for Smart Factory Concept
  • Maria Usova
SPIRIT - A Software Framework for the Efficient Setup of Industrial Inspection Robots
  • Daniele Evangelista
Evaluation of the bounding box uncertainty of deeplearning object detection in HALCON software
  • Daniele Marchisotti
Analysis of reproducibility and repeatability of a hand-held laser scanner for gap&flush measurement in car-assembly line
  • Alessia Baleani
IoT Indoor Localization with AI Technique
  • Matteo D'Aloia
Robot Localisation using UHF-RFID Tags for Industrial IoT Applications
  • Farhad Shamsfakhr

Special Session  15 PRESENTATIONS
Physiological Sensors and Techniques for Monitoring Sport and Physical Activity

A wearable system for respiratory and pace monitoring in running activities: a feasibility study
  • Joshua Di Tocco
Respiratory monitoring during cycling exercise: performance assessment of a smart t-shirt embedding fiber optic sensors
  • Carlo Massaroni
Optoelectronic plethysmography derived breathing parameters can differ between athletes with and without a dysfunctional breathing pattern during exercise
  • Carol Smyth
Augmented Reality App to improve quality of life of people with cognitive and sensory disabilities
  • Mirko Rossi
Wearable stretchable sensor based on conductive textile fabric for shoulder motion monitoring
  • Arianna Carnevale
Performance assessment in clay pigeon shooting using machine vision for gaze detection
  • Massimiliano Micheli
A preliminary approach for swimming performance analysis of FISDIR elite athletes with intellectual impairment using an inertial sensor
  • Teodorico Caporaso
Assessment of running training sessions using IMU sensors: evaluation of existing parameters and choice of new indicators
  • Emanuele Portuese
Effect of Running Intensity on Leg Force Asymmetry and its Relationship to Internal Load Biomarkers
  • Filipe Sousa
Validation of a novel wearable solution for measuring L5/S1 load during manual material handling tasks
  • Ilaria Conforti
A Body Hydration Analysis System to improve running performance
  • Valerio Lapadula
Comparison among different inertial-based algorithms for the automatic detection of temporal events in sprint tests: a preliminary study on elite athletes with intellectual impairment
  • Teodorico Caporaso
Bluetooth Performance Evaluation based on Notify for Real-time Body-Area Sensor Networks
  • Olaf Reich
Design and development of an instrumented glove for hand rehabilitation in children suffering from cerebral palsy: a digital manufacturing approach
  • Giorgia Cusimano
BEAT: Balance Evaluation Automated Testbed for the standardization of balance assessment in human wearing exoskeleton
  • Juri Taborri

Special Session  6 PRESENTATIONS
Wearable Devices for Physiological Monitoring

An FBG-based Smart Wearable Device for Monitoring Seated Posture in Video Terminal Workers
  • Martina Zaltieri
Decisional Support System with Artificial Intelligence oriented on Health Prediction using a Wearable Device and Big Data
  • Alessandro Massaro
Development of an In-Ear Photoplethysmography Wearable System
  • Andrea Pedrana
Contactless Heart Rate Monitoring Using A Standard RGB Camera
  • Soumyajyoti Maji
Clean-Breathing: a Novel Sensor Fusion Algorithm Based on ICA to Remove Motion Artifacts from Breathing Signal
  • Luigi Raiano
New Perspectives on Wearable Devices and Electronic Health Record Systems
  • Giacomo Assenza

Special Session  5 PRESENTATIONS
Electronic and Mechatronics in Industry

Infrared Thermography applied on Fresh Food Monitoring in Automated Alerting Systems
  • Antonio Panarese
Infrared Thermography and Image Processing applied on Weldings Quality Monitoring
  • Giovanni Dipierro
Image Processing Segmentation applied on Defect Estimation in Production Processes
  • Giovanni Dipierro
Production Optimization Monitoring System Implementing Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  • Antonio Panarese
Low Cost IoT Sensor System for Real-time Remote Monitoring
  • Matteo D'Aloia

Special Session  9 PRESENTATIONS
Measurements and Virtual Measurements for Industry 4.0: Approaches and Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

Use of internal sensors for the identification of wear conditions in automatic machines
  • Emanuela Natale
Comparative Cost and Benefit Analysis of TCal and Classical Calibration
  • Sasho Andonov
Prediction of the remaining useful life of mechatronic systems using internal sensors
  • Antonella Gaspari
A Sensor System for Non-Destructive Monitoring of Food Ripening Processes
  • Alessandro Zompanti
A Smart Spindle Component concept as a standalone measurement system for Industry 4.0 Machine Tools
  • Jeremi Wójcicki
Compensation of Temperature Effects on an Automatic System for Diameter Measurement
  • Valerio Marcotuli
A Vision-based Measurement System for Semi-finished Cylindrical Geometries
  • Valerio Marcotuli
A flexible method to detect the fault of components in an injection group of a diecasting machine.
  • Luca Provezza
Assessment of the measurments contribution on composites thermoforming processes: a case study of an automotive component
  • Antonios Stamopoulos

Special Session  7 PRESENTATIONS
Cybersecurity Standards and Technologies for IoT and Industry 4.0 (Securitystandards)

Development of security mechanisms for a remote sensing system based on opportunistic and mesh networks
  • Lucas S. dos Santos
Combining exposure indicators and predictive analytics for threats detection in real industrial IoT sensor networks
  • Silvio Mazzaro
Public-Key Infrastructure for Smart Meters using Blockchains
  • Wilson Melo
A Digital Twins Approach to Smart Grid Security Testing and Standardization
  • Manolya Atalay
Proficiency Testing for Software Analysis and Cybersecurity Laboratories
  • Raphael Machado
Identification of Data Injection Attacks in Networked Control Systems with Varying Setpoint Condition
  • Alan de Sá
Security vulnerability in Internet of Things sensor networks protected by Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Antonella Cioffi

Special Session  6 PRESENTATIONS
RF and Microwave Sensors and Sensor Interfaces

A Low Cost and Flexible Power Line Communication Sensory System for Home Automation
  • Vittoriano Muttillo
Towards the Design of Microcontroller Based Embedded Sensory systems with a Five-Parameter Single Diode Estimation Method for Photovoltaic Panels
  • Vittoriano Muttillo
RFID interface for compact pliable EMG wireless epidermal sensor
  • Carolina Miozzi
Modular QMB sensors array for E-health applications
  • Alessandro Zompanti
Empowering Blind People Mobility: a Millimeter- Wave Radar Cane
  • Emanuele Cardillo
Active Filter and RFID Based Identifier for Heartbeat Monitoring
  • Alfiero Leoni

Special Session  7 PRESENTATIONS
Metrology for Data Interoperability in Industry 4.0

Software for calculation with physical quantities
  • Blair Hall
Quantifying Metrological Redundancy in an Industry 4.0 Environment
  • Gertjan Kok
Semantic Information in Sensor Networks: How to Combine Existing Ontologies, Vocabularies and Data Schemes to Fit a Metrology Use Case
  • Maximilian Gruber
Fundamental Physical Constants Ready for Machine Communication in a Digitalized World
  • Shan Lin
A Measurement Information Infrastructure's Benefits for Industrial Metrology and IoT
  • Mark J. Kuster
Infrastructure for Digital Calibration Certificates
  • Clifford Brown
A universal metadata model for metrological complex quantities
  • Vincenzo Paciello

Special Session  4 PRESENTATIONS
Wireless Solutions for IoT Based Measurements over Wide Areas

A new LoRaWAN adaptive strategy for smart metering applications
  • Emiliano Sisinni
Performance Evaluation of an evolving data compression algorithm embedded into an OBD-II edge device
  • Marianne Silva
Proposal of a Hybrid LoRa Mesh / LoRaWAN Network
  • Eduardo Paciencia Godoy
Introducing a survey methodology for assessing LoRaWAN coverage in Smart Campus scenarios
  • Rafael Cunha

Special Session  9 PRESENTATIONS
Industrial IoT Solutions for Measurement Applications

Systems for an intelligent application of Automated Processes in industry: a case study from "PMI IoT Industry 4.0" project
  • Alessandro Massaro
Fault Classification Driven by Maintenance Management for Smart Maintenance Applications
  • Roberto Bodo
A Cloud-Oriented Measurement System for Radiological Investigation and Traceability of Stones
  • Marco Marini
An IoT condition monitoring system for resilience based on spectral analysis of vibration
  • Andrea Fioravanti
Evaluation of the impact on industrial applications of NTP used by IoT devices
  • Paolo Ferrari
Evaluating Human-Machine Translation with Attention Mechanisms for Industry 4.0 Environment SQL-Based Systems
  • Silvan da Silva
Introducing a cloud based architecture for the distributed analysis of Real-Time Ethernet traffic
  • Andre Dias
Development of an Energy Meter based on IoT
  • Allyson Franklin M. Borges
Microservice Orchestration for Process Control in Industry 4.0
  • Eduardo Paciencia Godoy

Special Session  4 PRESENTATIONS
Temperature and Vibration Measurements for Predictive Maintenance and Improved Reliability

Sensor Nodes for Continuous Monitoring of Structures Through Accelerometric Measurements
  • Federico Zanelli
SAW Sensors Directly Integrated onto Industrial Metallic Parts for Manufacturing 4.0
  • Prince Mengue
Prototyping and Metrological Characterization of a Data Acquisition and Processing System Based on Edge Computing
  • Giuseppe Lorenzini
Online Fault Detection: a Smart Approach for Industry 4.0
  • Mariorosario Prist

Special Session  6 PRESENTATIONS
Fiber Optic Sensors for Industry and Healthcare 4.0

Transformation matrices for 3D shape sensing with polyimide-coated multicore optical fiber
  • Davide Paloschi
Temperature Monitoring During Microwave Thermal Ablation of Ex Vivo Bovine Bone: a Pilot Test
  • Elena De Vita
Optical Fiber Biosensor Based on an Etched High-Scattering Fiber: Towards Reflector-Less Biosensors
  • Daniele Tosi
Laser Beam Self-Focusing in Optical Fiber controlled through FBG integration
  • Lorenzo Dinia
Towards temperature-controlled laser ablation based on fiber Bragg grating array temperature measurements
  • Sanzhar Korganbayev
A wearable system for knee flexion/extension monitoring: design and assessment
  • Daniela Lo Presti

Special Session  5 PRESENTATIONS
Gender-inspired Approaches to the Design of Innovative Measurement Systems and IoT Applications

A non-invasive system for epidural space detection: comparison with Compuflo®
  • Riccardo Sabbadini
Digital Signage by Real-Time Gender Recognition From Face Images
  • Antonio Greco
VITAL-ECG : a de-bias algorithm embedded in a gender-immune device
  • Annunziata Paviglianiti
Human-Machine Interaction Personalization: a Review on Gender and Emotion Recognition Through Speech Analysis
  • Monica La Mura
Is Really IoT Technology Gender Neutral?
  • Dajana Cassioli

Special Session  5 PRESENTATIONS
Large-scale Traceability of Digital MEMS Sensor: Statistical Methods and in-line Control Systems

Traceablity Chain for Acoustic Sensors Based on the Direct Definition of the Acoustic Pascal by Optical Method
  • Wan-Ho Cho
Assuring Measurement Traceability to ATE Systems for MEMS Temperature Sensors Testing and Calibration
  • Vito Fernicola
A reliable sampling method to reduce large sets of measurements: a case study on the calibration of digital 3-axis MEMS accelerometers
  • Andrea Prato
Calibration of digital 3-axis MEMS accelerometers: A double-blind «multi-bilateral» comparison
  • Alessandro Schiavi
Big Data management: A Vibration Monitoring point of view
  • Alessandro Paolo Daga

Special Session  7 PRESENTATIONS
Uncertainty Evaluation in Signal Processing for Industrial Applications

Uncertainty Evaluation for Metrologically Redundant Industrial Sensor Networks
  • Gertjan Kok
A Bayesian approach to account for timing effects in industrial sensor networks
  • Liam Wright
Uncertainty in Data Analysis for STRATH Testbed
  • Yuhui Luo
Uncertainty of the Classification Result from a Linear Discriminant Analysis
  • Yuhui Luo
Bayesian Autoencoders for Drift Detection in Industrial Environments
  • Bang Xiang Yong
From dynamic measurement uncertainty to the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0
  • Sascha Eichstädt
Stochastic approach for controllable measurement uncertainty in Industry 4.0 applications
  • Marjan Urekar

Special Session  10 PRESENTATIONS
Computational Sensing for IoT Industrial and Medical Applications

AWC C. elegans neuron: a biological sensor model
  • Martina Nicoletti
Optical CO2 detectors for smart packaging of food in modified atmosphere
  • Anna Sabatini
Chinese Sign Language Alphabet Recognition Based On Random Forest Algorithm
  • Yuan Wang
A Pilot Study on Auditory Brainstem Response Evoked with Randomized Stimulation Rate
  • Xin Wang
The Effects of Electrode Locations on Silent Speech Recognition using High-density sEMG
  • Shixiong Chen
The Performance Evaluation of SSVEP-BCI Actuated Wheelchair with Parameter Setting of Time-Window Length and Stimulation Layout
  • Jun Xie 1
A New Approach for Hand Gesture Recognition Based on the Fusion of sEMG and Impedance Information
  • Yuan Wang
A Smart Solution for Proprioceptive Rehabilitation through M-IMU Sensors
  • Martina Lapresa
IoT Gateways for Industrial and Medical Applications: Architecture and Performance Assessment
  • Luca Vollero
Efficient Classification of Motor Imagery using Particle Swarm Optimization-based Neural Network for IoT Applications
  • Oluwagbenga Paul Idowu

Special Session  9 PRESENTATIONS
Advanced Measurement Systems for Safety and Security

An Automatic Battery Recharge and Condition Monitoring System for Autonomous Drones
  • Elia Landi
A New Class of Chaotic Sources in Programmable Logic Devices
  • Riccardo Moretti
A Characterization System for Bearing Condition Monitoring Sensors, a Case Study with a Low Power Wireless Triaxial MEMS Based Sensor
  • Lorenzo Parri
Design of a robotic platform for landmine detection based on Industry 4.0 paradigm with data sensors integration
  • Luca Bossi
Sensors and Algorithm Evaluation for Tripwire Detection in the Landmine Detection 4.0 Project
  • Jonathon Sinton
Interoperability among Sub-GHz Technologies for Metallic Assets Tracking and Monitoring
  • Gabriele Di Renzone
Low-cost, robust gravimetric system for enhanced security of accesses to public places
  • Matteo Intravaia
Virtual Sensors: a Tool to Improve Reliability
  • Loredana Cristaldi
RADON Project: From Children's Game To Intelligent Personal Dosimeter
  • Marina Popolizio

Special Session  4 PRESENTATIONS
Sensors for Collaborative Robotics in Industry and Healthcare 4.0

Proof-of-Concept Millimeter-Wave Free-Space Nondestructive Testing Implemented on Collaborative Mobile Robots
  • Bilal Daass
Interaction Force Computation Exploiting Environment Stiffness Estimation for Sensorless Robot Applications
  • Loris Roveda
Tactile sensing with gesture-controlled collaborative robot
  • Bozica Bojovic
A Pneumatic Haptic Display for Collaborative Robotics applications
  • Debadrata Sarkar

Special Session  5 PRESENTATIONS
The Industry 4.0 Paradigm for Energy Efficiency: Measurements, Techniques, Methodologies, Strategies and Requirements

In-Line Quality Control in Semiconductors Production and Availability for Industry 4.0
  • Enrico Petritoli
An IoT Application for Industry 4.0: a New and Efficient Public Lighting Management Model
  • Mariagrazia Leccisi
Optical Wireless Communication and Li-Fi: a New Infrastructure for Wireless Communication in Saving Energy Era
  • Lorenzo Cozzella
Aspect ratio optimization of piezoceramic disks for maximizing electromechanical energy conversion in energy harvesting applications
  • Antonio Iula
Double Perovskite Oxide for Chemical Sensors
  • Fabio Zaza

Special Session  4 PRESENTATIONS
Measurements and Sensors for Safety and Wellness of Workers

Ultrasound exposure in a workplace and a potential way to improve its measurement methodology
  • Michal Cieslak
Multiphysics Modeling of a Wearable Sensor for Sweat Rate Measurements
  • Jorge Prada
A Test Bench to Assess Systems for Respiratory Monitoring of Workers
  • Martina Zaltieri
A New Smart-Fabric based Body Area Sensor Network for Work Risk Assessment
  • Antonio Lanatà