Trends in MAGnetism 2020

TMAG 2020

Magnetization dynamics, damping and ultrafast switching

AA01 - Inertial spin dynamics in ferromagnets (invited)
  • Stefano Bonetti
AA02 - Nonthermal all-optical switching of magnetization: mechanisms and challenges (invited)
  • Andrei Kirilyuk
AA03 - Single ultra-fast spin current pulse to switch magnetization (invited)
  • Stephane Mangin
AA04 - All-optical probe of magnetization dynamics in synthetic antiferromagnets (invited)
  • Shigemi Mizukami
AA05 - Towards ultrafast magnetization creation and control via dynamical multiferroicity
  • Martina Basini
AA06 - All-optical magnetic recording with single L-band laser pulse in YIG:Co
  • Antoni Ignacy Frej
AA08 - Control of Single Pulse All Optical Magnetization Switching of Ferromagnets
  • Quentin Remy

Antiferromagnetic spintronics. Antiferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic materials

AB01 - Current-induced switching in antiferromagnets: role of thermal heating and strain effects (invited)
  • Olena Gomonay
AB02 - Exploring antiferromagnetic order at the nanoscale with a single spin microscope (invited)
  • Vincent Jacques
AB03 - Ferromagnets, antiferromagnets and altermagnets (invited)
  • Tomas Jungwirth
AB04 - Topological spintronics in antiferromagnets and the crystal Hall effect (invited)
  • Jairo Sinova
AB06 - Spin Hall Magnetoresistance in Pt/ CaFe2O4 multi-domain thin films
  • Silvia Damerio
AB08 - Quantitative imaging of antiferromagnetic spin cycloidal textures on strain engineered BiFeO3 thin films with a scanning nitrogen-vacancy magnetometer
  • Hai Zhong
AB10 - Antiferromagnetic PtMn memory devices controlled by electric current
  • Victor Lopez Dominguez
AB11 - Ferro-, ferri-, and antiferromagnetic materials within the same micromagnetic framework
  • Luis Sánchez-Tejerina
AB12 - Field-free switching between orthogonal spin states in antiferromagnetic NiO(111) on Fe(110)
  • Michal Slezak

Spintronics for unconventional computing

AC01 - Straintronics for Unconventional Computing (invited)
  • Supriyo Bandyopadhyay
AC02 - p-bits for Quantum Inspired Algorithms (invited)
  • Kerem Yunus Camsari
AC03 - Digital Memcomputing: from logic to dynamics to topology (invited)
  • Massimiliano Di Ventra
AC04 - Microwave spintronic neural networks (invited)
  • Julie Grollier
AC05 - Study of the robustness of neural networks based on spintronic neurons
  • Eleonora Raimondo
AC06 - Organic spintronic multilevel resistive switching devices as synapses for neuromorphic computing
  • Alberto Riminucci
AC08 - Numerical study of noise-induced convergence of Ising machines based on spintronic oscillators
  • Pietro Tullo
AC09 - Topological spintronics: dynamics and symmetry breaking for high speed and energy efficiency memory (invited)
  • Kang Wang

Statics and dynamics of solitons

AD01 - Antiferromagnetic skyrmions and skyrmion racetrack defined by light ion irradiation for skyrmions logics (invited)
  • Olivier Boulle
AD02 - Coupled nanomagnets and domain wall logic circuits enabled by the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (invited)
  • Pietro Gambardella
AD03 - Chemisorption-Induced Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interactions and Spin Textures (invited)
  • Kai Liu
AD04 - Skyrmions in chiral magnetic multilayers (invited)
  • Christopher Marrows
AD08 - Traveling skyrmions in chiral antiferromagnets
  • Stavros Komineas
AD09 - Ferromagnetic skyrmion spin-torque nano-oscillators
  • Konstantin Gusliyenko
AD11 - Magnetic skyrmions probed by SP-STM: topology imprinted on the charge current and spin transfer torque
  • Krisztian Palotas
AD13 - Beyond skyrmions: Alternative nano-objects for spintronics
  • Börge Göbel
BD01 - Domain wall motion by means of magnonic currents in antiferrromagnets (invited)
  • Luis Lopez Diaz
AD05 - Advanced x-ray characterization of novel topological spin textures at their fundamental length and time scales (invited)
  • Peter Fischer
BD03 - Quantitative magnetic force microscopy – an experimental tool to develop thin film systems supporting skyrmion bobbers at room temperature (invited)
  • Hans J. Hug
BD04 - Fast domain wall motion in chiral ferromagnets and ferrimagnetic insulators (invited)
  • Oleg Tretiakov
BD05 - Fluctuation-mediated picosecond nucleation of magnetic skyrmions
  • Felix Buettner
BD07 - Attractive inter-skyrmion couplings induced by distorted skyrmions
  • Mai Kameda
BD08 - Formation and electrical detection of skyrmion lattice on cylindrical nanotubes
BD10 - Quantum damping of skyrmion crystal eigenmodes due to spontaneous quasiparticle decay
  • Alexander Mook
BD13 - Role of current driven torques on skyrmion motion in Antiferromagnets
  • Riccardo Tomasello

Spin waves, magnonics and magnonic applications, Opto-magnonics. Hybrid magnonic heterostructures. Spin waves on curved surfaces and 3D heterostructures

AE01 - Magnonic qubit computing (invited)
  • Burkard Hillebrands
AE02 - Coherent long-range coupling between spins by chiral phonons (invited)
  • Olivier Klein
AE03 - Designing chiral magnetic responses by tailoring geometry of thin films: curvilinear ferro- and antiferromagnets (invited)
  • Denys Makarov
AE05 - A micromagnetic study of spin-wave eigenmodes of isolated, twins and chains of Néel skyrmions
  • Mattia Bassotti
AE06 - Coherent spin-wave transport in an antiferromagnet
  • Jorrit Hortensius
AE08 - Spin-Steered Magnonics
  • Carlos Gonzalez Ballestero
AE11 - Reconfigurable magnonic crystal based on multiferroic-ferromagnetic heterostructures
  • Isabella Boventer
AE12 - Nonlinear spin-wave logic gates based on magnetic films
  • Alexey B. Ustinov
AE04 - Hybridized Magnons in Thin Film Systems (invited)
  • Axel Hoffmann
BE02 - Nanoscale engineered spin textures for magnonics (invited)
  • Daniela Petti
BE03 - Electric field effect on spin waves spin currents
  • Vittorio Basso
BE04 - Chiral hinge magnons in second-order topological magnon insulators
  • Sebastian Alejandro Diaz
BE05 - Magnonic quadrupole topological insulator in antiskyrmion crystals
  • Tomoki Hirosawa
BE06 - Control and manipulation of self-images using phase/amplitude change of input wave fronts and potential application in magnonics
  • Mateusz Gołębiewski
BE07 - Application of magnonic crystals in magnetic particle detection
  • Alessandra Manzin
BE08 - Anomalous spin wave excitation in helical magnets
  • Shin Miyahara
BE09 - Spin Wave Radiation by a Topological Charge Dipole
  • Christina Psaroudaki
BE10 - Exotic spinwave effects in topological magnetic textures
  • Davi Röhe Rodrigues
BE11 - Effect of vanadium dioxide film on the magnonic crystal band-gaps
  • Alexey B. Ustinov
BE12 - Investigation of caustic spin wave beams in soft thin films
  • Alexis Wartelle

Novel magnetic materials and multilayers. Materials properties. Magnetism and superconductivity

AF02 - Magnetic parameters in reduced dimensions (invited)
  • Gisela Schütz
AF03 - The magnon mean scattering time of YIG derived from spin Seebeck effect experiments
  • Vittorio Basso
AF04 - Long-range interaction of magnetic moments in a coupled system of S/F/S Josephson junctions with anomalous ground state phase shift
  • Irina Bobkova
AF05 - Magnetization and magnetoresistance of Ni/porous-GaN composites
  • Yonatan Calahorra
AF08 - Influence of static and dynamic epitaxial strain on La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 ultrathin films
  • Tomáš Maleček
AF09 - Influence of introduction small amounts of metallic dopants on topological surface states of Bi2Se3 topological insulator
  • Kamil Nowak
AF11 - Tailoring magnetic properties of Pt/Co multilayers by helium ion irradiation
  • Silvia Tacchi
BF12 - Interplay between magnetism and interface-induced effects in ultra-thin manganites
  • Anna Zakharova
BF01 - Non-collinear magnetism on proximate superconductors (invited)
  • Christos Panagopoulos
BF04 - Magnetic properties of 3-d metal rods with gradients of composition produced by electroless deposition
  • Elena Denisova
BF06 - The correlation between orbital magnetic moments and effective magnetic anisotropy in Au/CoFeB/Au systems
  • Hubert Głowiński
BF07 - On the magnetism of novel Ir1–xCrxO2 thin films
  • Maria Angeles Laguna-Marco
BF08 - Strong interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and magnetic anisotropy in NiO/Co/Pt trilayers
  • Piotr Mazalski
BF09 - Tuning magnetic and electronic properties of NdNiO3 by a proximity layer
  • Cinthia Piamonteze
BF10 - Temperature features of magnetic resonance of Mn0.13Hg0.87Te
  • Aleksei Shestakov
CF01 - Progress in realizing topological superconductivity in planar Josephson junctions (invited)
  • Javad Shabani
CF02 - Towards molecular hybrid spintronic devices: Novel ferrocene- and pyrene- based cyclophane chemisorbed on ferromagnetic Co(111) nanoislands
  • Daniel Buergler
CF04 - Magnetic skyrmionic textures in proximity to a superconductor: vortex-skyrmion interaction and Meissner currents
  • Ilya Eremin
BF02 - Simultaneous observation of anti-damping and inverse spin Hall effect in La0.67Sr0.33MnO3/Pt bilayers system
  • Pushpendra Gupta
CF10 - Room-temperature and non-volatile electric control of spin currents generation in the ferroelectric semiconductor GeTe
  • Christian Rinaldi
CF11 - The study of three-layer films FeNi/Dy/FeNi in wide temperature range by resonance method
  • Irina Vazhenina
BF03 - Complex interplay of magnetism and structure in 2D van der Waals halide VI3
  • Karel Carva
CF07 - Lattice vibrations and trimeron order of the Verwey transition in magnetite
  • Dominik Legut

Static and dynamic spin Hall and spin-orbital torques.

AG01 - Microwave signal generation and neuromorphic computing using large spin Hall nano-oscillator arrays (invited)
  • Johan Åkerman
AG03 - Spin-orbit coupling: an endless source of complex magnetism (invited)
  • Silvia Picozzi
AG04 - MRAM adoption in microelectronics: status and perspectives (invited)
  • Lucian Prejbeanu
AG05 - Tuneable receiver of sub-THz signals based on an antiferromagnet (invited)
  • Andrei Slavin
AG06 - Spin-orbit torque of topological spin textures and magnons (invited)
  • Hyunsoo Yang
AG07 - From Spin Transfer Torque (STT) to Toggle Spin Torque (TST) for the next generation of MRAM (invited)
  • Weisheng Zhao
AG08 - Chaotic dynamics and thermal switching in ac-driven nanomagnets
  • Massimiliano d'Aquino
AG09 - Deterministic spin-orbit switching scheme for an array of perpendicular MRAM cells suitable for large scale integration
  • Roberto de Orio
AG11 - Dual-Barrier MTJ Based Cryogenic STT-MRAMs
  • Esteban José Garzón
AG12 - Probabilistic computing solver applied to MAX-SAT instances
  • Andrea Grimaldi
AG13 - Spin-torque diodes for computing multiplication
  • Luciano Mazza
AG14 - Driving skyrmions with low threshold current density in amorphous CoFeB thin film
  • Brindaban Ojha
AG15 - SAF-based perpendicularly magnetized GMR spin valves on large-area flexible substrates
  • Gaspare Varvaro

Micromagnetic modeling and hysteresis

AH01 - Magnetization transport and local exchange invariance
  • Unregistered User
AH02 - Ring Cores of Soft Ferrite in Power Electronics: a Macro-Magnetic Approach to the Modelling in Time Domain
  • Hari Prasad Rimal
AH03 - Hysteresis modelling in additively manufactured FeSi magnetic cores
  • Simone Quondam Antonio
AH05 - Deep neural networks for the efficient computation of hysteresis processes in GO Fe-Si steel sheets under generic supply excitations
  • Simone Quondam Antonio
AH06 - Switching rate computation in full-scale micromagnetic simulations
  • Dmitry Berkov
AH08 - Investigation of microwave bistability in spin-wave active ring resonator
  • Vitalii Vitko

Spin injection and spin-dependent tunneling

AI01 - Spin current generation using vorticity in solids (invited)
  • Yukio Nozaki
AI02 - Giant self-production of spin current and self-spin-orbit torque in ferrimagnetic materials (invited)
  • Carlos Rojas-Sanchez
AI03 - Current-driven magnetization switching in a van der Waals material-based spintronic device (invited)
  • Guoqiang Yu
AI04 - Unidirectional spin-Hall magnetoresistance in HgTe topological insulator - ferromagnet heterostructures
  • Cécile Grezes
AI05 - Non-volatile electric-field control of spin-orbit torques in perpendicular ferromagnet - SrTiO3 system
  • Cécile Grezes
AI06 - Transport in Scandium Nitride Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Using First Principles
  • Jean Anne Incorvia

Session Lecture

LIVE01 - From topology to devices (Nobel Lecture)
  • Albert Fert
LIVE02 - Antiferromagnetic Insulatronics: Spintronics without magnetic fields and moving electrons (Distinguished Lecture)
  • Mathias Kläui

Interdisciplinary talks

BA01 - A new generation of rapid diagnostic tests: the role of magnetic nanoparticles (invited)
  • Montserrat Rivas
BA02 - Towards van der Waals Heterostructures-based Spintronics (invited)
  • Stephan Roche
BA05 - Spinterface with fullerene
  • Subhankar Bedanta
BA07 - TMek: a quantitative lab-on-chip rapid diagnostic test for malaria
  • Riccardo Bertacco
BA08 - Inductor SPICE model including non-linearity due to non-uniform magnetic field
  • Fabio Corti
BA09 - Graphene-based ultrathin magnetic membranes for spin polarimetry
  • Luca Nessi
BA11 - Modelling of heating efficiency in magnetic hyperthermia: effect of non-harmonic driving field
  • Paola Tiberto
BA12 - FePd nanoparticles by solid-state dewetting for magnetic hyperthermia
  • Federica Celegato
BA13 - Influence of the position of the steel wire rope in relation to the Earth's magnetic field on the diagnostics with the use of MFAM Technology
  • Paweł Mazurek
BA03 - Hidden, entangled and resonating order (invited)
  • Nicola Spaldin